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UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts

29 augustus 2018

CONTA-CLIP offers a wide range of UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts. These ducts are notable for their excellent form stability. They also feature tight-fitting covers that allow for very easy detachment and reattachment. Pegs with pre-determined breakage points enable comfortable customization of the ducts for incoming and outgoing cabling. The product comes with deburred edges to minimize the risk of injury during assembly and cable fitting and to protect the cable sheathing. The ducts are supplied with a standard length of two meters. They are made from a rigid PVC material that is lead-free, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V-0. For use in public buildings, CONTA-CLIP also provides halogen-free versions in accordance with VDE 0472 part 815. In case of a fire, the plastic these cabling ducts are made from does not break down to release toxic gases. Moreover, this material meets the F2 and I3 requirements of the NF F 16-101 railway standards. The product range also includes all the necessary tools for mounting, like, for instance, the VKS cutter for exact 90° angle cuts of cabling ducts up to a width of 125 mm. Another one is the ergonomically shaped SN-SW setting tool that allows for secure, high-speed application of expanding rivets. Its long shaft makes it suitable for placing rivets even in very deep ducts and in other places that are otherwise hard to reach. The VK-AKZ notching pliers can be used to work on the walls of a cabling duct and break off the pegs all the way to the bottom. CONTA-CLIP also supplies miscellaneous accessories such as flexible cabling ducts, coiled tubing, wire holders, support lugs and expanding rivets.

Datum: 29.08.2018

Zeichen: 1689

Excellent dimensional stability, simple customization: UL- and VDE-certified cabling ducts from CONTA-CLIP


New IP66 ribbon cable entry system

04 juli 2018

Introducing the new KDS-FB cable entry system for flat ribbon cables, CONTA-CLIP expands its KDSClick program of cable management solutions. As is typical for this product range, the system consists of only a few modular components that are easy to assemble without tools. First, the one-piece frame is screwed on the opening from outside the enclosure or distribution cabinet. Next, the cables are pushed through the cable openings of the sealing elements, which are then inserted in the frame slots from the inside. TPE gaskets are molded directly into the frames to ensure high, IP66-rated ingress protection. Sealing elements with gills outside and in the cable openings ensure an absolutely tight fit and reliable ingress protection. CONTA-CLIP provides KDS-FB in four frame widths and with different divisions for flat and round cables. Sealing elements are available for all common industrial cable sizes. The manufacturer has implemented a particularly user-friendly innovation: the sealing element for the smallest cable size is sealed by a membrane. It can therefore also be used as a blanking plug. KDS-FB allows manufacturers to pre-configure machine housings or cabinets for later wiring with no need for advance detailed knowledge of specific end-user requirements. Due to the easy, tool-less exchange of sealing elements, the wiring can be changed at any time.

Datum: 04.07.2018

Zeichen: 1374

The new KDS-FB-type, IP66-rated system enables easy entry of ribbon cables


EMC rail for KDSClick cable entry system

29 mei 2018

Accompanying the KDSClick cable entry system, CONTA-CLIP supplies easy-to-install, galvanized EMC rails for safe and secure shield termination of cables. KDS-EMV-SAB type rails are attached to the KDSClick mounting screws inside control cabinets and secured with a nut. The manufacturer's SAB program also includes spring-loaded and screw-connection clips for all cable diameters. These ensure large-surface grounding. In addition to shunting electromagnetic interference, the shield-connection clips provide strain relief.

Datum: 29.05.2018

Zeichen: 523

EMC rails for the KDSClick cable entry system enable safe and secure shield connection


Flange plate KDS-FP – cable management at its best

21 april 2018

With the KDS-FP flange plate, CONTA-CLIP take the tool-free click-and-push concept of their cable entry system KDSClick to a larger scale for control cabinet construction. With this system extension, the connection technology experts primarily address the needs of series machine and special purpose machinery manufacturers, who are dealing with wiring requirements for cabinet packing that keep changing all the time. KDS-FP is an extra-flexible solution for managing cables and pneumatic or hydraulic tubes: the number and diameters of the required openings can be seamlessly adapted at any time without drilling, sawing or other machining. At all times, the system reliably provides IP66 sealing. First, a cavity with standard dimensions in the cabinet wall is fully and tightly sealed by screwing on the flange plate. Then, up to three plate segments can be broken off at predetermined breaking points as needed without the use of tools. Each removed segment reveals a 40x110mm duct that can be further divided into up to ten frame openings by snapping frame inlays from the KDSClick series into place. The inlays are available as plain partitions, T-pieces or cross and double cross form to allow for the required custom dimensioning of the frame openings. CONTA-CLIP offer a continually expanding range of different sealing elements (currently numbering about 100) for sealing lines and tubes of various diameters as well as feeding multiple cables through one frame opening. The sealing elements, which feature a crinkle cut at the side, are simply placed around the wires and ensure not only a precise and tight seal but also provide the connections with a reliable strain relief. After the wires are sheathed, the elements are inserted from the inside of the cabinet and pushed to the outside through the frame openings defined by the inlays. Thanks to the conical tapering, the sealing elements are easily and effortlessly pushed into the frame opening/inlays and just as easily removed for new or additional wiring. Unused frame openings are safely closed off with sealing plugs. This ensures comfortable changes to the wiring, even for single cables, without having to disassemble the frame. Two flange plate types are initially available: KDS-FP-2x10/24 and KDS-FP-3 x 10/24 for up to 20 or up to 30 configurable frame openings, respectively. More form factors are already in development. For users who want an additional strain relief of the cable towards the inside of the cabinet, a locking accessory for sealing elements provides a toolless solution that can be clicked into undercuts at the back of the flange plate.

Datum: 21.04.2018

Zeichen: 2737

The flange plate KDS-FP provides flexible cable management and IP66 ingress protection


Die Klemme: state-of-the-art Push-in terminal series with improved design

21 april 2018

CONTA-CLIP presents the new Push-in terminal series PRK. The comprehensive range provides users with a number of design improvements on conventional Push-in terminals and satisfies even very demanding requirements regarding ease of use and mechanical stability. The Push-in connection ensures a safe, tool-free insertion of rigid wires or wires with end sleeves and significantly reduces the time spent on wiring. For a quick release of inserted wires, the terminals are equipped with a pusher that requires only slight pressure and no special tools, although the Push-in-springs provide high contact force for the wire connections. Improving on conventional Push-in terminals, accidental incorrect insertions of wires are made impossible due to the physical separation of the insertion channel and pusher. The completely new internal layout with large contact surfaces and fixed metal parts ensures a high current-carrying capacity with low heat build-up, mechanical toughness and an absolutely secure hold of the compact terminals. All potentials have a test point for easy measurement. PRK range feed-through and PE terminals are available for six nominal cross-sections from 1.5 mm? to 16 mm? in versions with two, three and four-wire connectors suitable for wire cross section from 0.34 mm2 to 25 mm2. The protective-conductor terminals are equipped with a foot contact on both sides to ensure maximum electrical and mechanical reliability. In addition, CONTA-CLIP offers the plug-in cross-connection system PQI for quick and convenient potential distribution. Standard terminals with rated cross-sections from 1.5 mm2 to 10 mm2 can route two potentials within the two cross-connection channels. All insulating materials used in the PRK series are free of harmful substances and meet the V-0 self-extinguishing fire classification according to UL 94.

Datum: 21.04.2018

Zeichen: 1853

The new Push-in terminal range PRK from CONTA-CLIP


New GSM-PRO2E I/O communication modules replace GSM-PRO

21 april 2018

I/O communication modules from CONTA-CLIP's GSM-PRO series provide easy-to-use and economic solutions for remote monitoring, control, and maintenance of distributed applications via mobile networks. Now, the connection technology specialist replaces the first generation with the new, same-size versions GSM-PRO2E and GSM-PRO2E-GPS. The new I/O modules also have four relay outputs. But instead of eight, they feature 10 inputs. The I/Os can be configured for digital (24V DC) or analog (0...10V and 0[4]...20mA) signals, as required. If users need more inputs and outputs, they can simply add them themselves by inserting E/A extension modules. The new communication modules moreover feature a counter input with a counting speed of up to 1000 pulses per second. In cases of input values exceeding or falling below defined thresholds, GSM-PRO2E can automatically notify up to 10 persons per input via text or email. Contacts for individual or group alerts can be selected from an integrated address book. Conversely, control-room staff or service technicians can switch digital relay outputs by text message or phone call. GSM-PRO2E provides various logging functions for keeping track of communication events, process values from analog inputs, and the activation of inputs and outputs over time. Users can read out log files via USB or have them sent via email. The accompanying software enables easy parameterization without programming skills. Even after installing and commissioning the modules, firmware updates and online configuration changes can be easily carried out at any time via the GSM network. Users can simply export complete configurations to other modules to minimize the effort for implementing serial applications. An app for iPhone and Android devices enables fast and easy monitoring and control of the communication module and allows for a quick overview of the status of all inputs and outputs of several GSM-PRO2 modules at once.

Datum: 21.04.2018

Zeichen: 1955

Featuring identical exterior dimensions, the new GSM-PRO2E communication module is now available to replace the previous GSM-PRO I/O


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